Message in the Broken

I was incredibly upset.  I had gone to our local Christian bookstore to pick up the last few items for a book study I was facilitating, and my kids had a bad day.  All listening halted the moment we walked in.  There were lots of bright, cheerful, and shiny items to catch their attention, and I cringed as they attempted to “see” with their fingers.  I repeated over and over what our rules were as we shopped and I quickly brought my purchases to the check out.  While I was listening to the cashier at the counter, my son dropped a Willow Tree ornament and it broke.  

The dove had separated from the girl’s hands.  It took everything I had not to melt down in frustration.  I brought my son and the broken item to the counter, adding the little statue to my purchase pile. The kind cashier told me accidents happen, but I insisted on paying for it.  After a moment of deliberation,  she agreed and wrapped it for me, assuring me it would have the sale price.  I hadn’t planned on purchasing it.  I had told my son to stay with me.  I had said no touching the ornaments.  Why couldn’t he listen?  We left the store and I assured myself it could be fixed and made right again.  

It sat.  The little brown box has been sitting on my counter for almost a month now.  I haven’t given it a second thought until yesterday.  The fix was easy, but as I held the superglued dove in place I happened to read the side of the box:  “The gesture of the figure and the bird communicates forward movement… being uplifted, moving onward; a release of hopes, dreams and spirit; of new beginnings and of endings; in celebration of a life… or in anticipation of a life together.”  I felt tears prick my eyes.  Moving forward, onward, releasing my plans for God’s.  The meaning changed quickly from a reminder of my reactionary attitude and son’s disobedience into a beautiful recollection of God’s faithfulness.   He is so faithful, even out of my weakest moments in motherhood, he can bring gentle whispers that help me rest in his promises instead of my own strength.

I pray that God, the source of hope, will fill you completely with joy and peace because you trust in him. Then you will overflow with confident hope through the power of the Holy Spirit.  Romans 15:13


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