With Hope

It is hard to imagine the power in our purchases.  My friend Emily Moore has created a thriving business by Trades of Hope, a Fair Trade Federation Certified company which values women and seeks to help them out of poverty.  I am enamored with most of their products, but especially their mission.  When you purchase from Emily, you support her as a business woman with a huge heart, as well as one of the many artisans – some located right here in the United States!  I wanted you to hear directly from Emily  as to why she is so passionate about her business:

This past summer I had my fourth baby, and was looking to cut back a bit more from my part-time work.  But I was concerned about doing that from a financial standpoint.  A friend of my sister’s had posted several times on Facebook about a missional business that she is a part of, which helps to employ women in extreme poverty.  The business sells gorgeous handmade accessories and decor from these artisans, and each piece that she posted caught my eye.  After my new baby Selah’s birth, I posted a picture of her on Facebook and my sister’s friend commented on the picture saying that the business has a necklace and bracelet set called “Selah”.  The necklace and bracelet are made in Haiti, by the same clay mothers in poverty use to help stave off their starving children’s hunger pains.  This affected me profoundly.  So I decided to delve a little further into it. I read artisan stories online, watched videos on YouTube, and kept thinking this business had to be too good to be true.  But the more I read, the more I fell in love with the mission and everything they were doing.  The business, Trades of Hope, works with women in extreme poverty in 17 different countries.  It helps to get them out of human trafficking, slums, sweatshops, the sex trade and provides a sustainable life for their families.  I prayed and said “Lord, if I have a party and am able to earn my kit for free with my hostess rewards then I know this is my calling right now”.  Granted, that was a lofty goal for me!  I ended up earning the exact amount that I needed for the kit.  The past two months have been a whirlwind of excitement and fulfillment.  It makes me so proud to know what I am doing to help families around the world, and also the amazing example that I am setting for my girls to see how we can impact poverty from our own homes.  And doing so in a fun way!

As you shop this December, consider purchasing from Emily to support her as a small business owner, but also the artisans who are making beautiful pieces.  It’s amazing what our purchases can accomplish! www.mytradesofhope.com/Emilymoore

*Emily is currently working hard to reach a sales goal, providing a bike to a young girl in an area where the threat of being kidnapped into the sex trade is high (bikes help make the girls less vulnerable).  She has reached her first two milestones, let’s help her reach the final goal!


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