Real Peace

This is what lunch looks like now as a grain free meal.  My chicken salad bowl looks gourmet or Pinterest worthy…it’s actually a hodgepodge of leftovers.  I really enjoyed sandwiches for lunch.  I know there are recipes so I can still have grain free or paleo breads, but I am finding the imitation just doesn’t quite satisfy the craving.  So, I get inventive with leftovers and try to mimic my favorite tastes.  I’ve been very lucky to have others offering support and advice or recipes over the last two months.  

I’ve also realized food was my comforter, solace, and coping mechanism.

That was a hard realization, and slightly embarrassing to admit.  I blog and encourage others to fill themselves with God, but my own idol was hanging out in plain sight.  After I decided to go grain free,  every stress filled moment or situation was instantly met with my need for chocolate or a grain based snack/treat.  It was almost mindless.  Yesterday, as I was reading my lesson from Lysa TerKeurst’s study, Finding I Am , Isaiah 43:10 came sharply into focus:

…You have been chosen to know me, believe in me, and understand that I alone am God.

Only God. My heart wrapped around this truth and I felt the weight of those words smash my idol.  Have you felt it?  When you read the words from Isaiah, did they bring something to mind or did peace envelope you?  Idols can be sneaky, especially as we set them up ourselves, many times slowly.  Friends, I challenge you to take 5 minutes to take a look at your habits.  What do you do without a thought?  Is it a positive point in your day or routine?  Then ask yourself hard questions, knowing an idol is never going to fill you up.  It will never be a true comfort, or offer real peace.  Some idols even bring a whole new set of problems to life.  Today, make time to be honest with yourself and ask God to help you excavate these areas so you can be filled with real peace and truth.


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