Under It All

I was out with my daughter and dog today walking around the barn.  I saw some beautiful blue sky and signs of spring (too early). Photographing the barns is one one of my favorite things to do.  As I walked around the corner and snapped a few pictures with shadows and I noticed a nest, possibly wasp.    I marveled how I hadn’t really noticed it until the climbing vines had died.  The nest stayed secure and hidden among the mounds of green, now the brown shriveled strands left nothing hidden.  

This made me immediately think of the problems which lie hidden in life.  We often can’t see them when our lives are good and pleasant (green).  Then a difficult situation or death of something we love quickly removes all the covering and our weakness or insecurity becomes exposed.  It can be painful and debilitating, but essential to find and remove it before it grows into a hazard for us.  

Does it feel like something has shifted in your life?  Maybe an area you’ve always had prosperity in?  It could be time for an inspection of what is under the success, pride, or good fortune.  There may be a concerning trait or problem that will become a serious issue without dealing with it today.  My walk today had me questioning what I may have hidden, I hope you think about it to and confront anything that separates you from true life.


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