Pushing Reset

My stomach ached with the familiar bloat of overindulgence.  Family meals celebrating the holiday were finally catching up with me.  Monday mornings are difficult after a busy weekend but this added another dimension of wanting to return to bed.

I placed a drop of grapefruit essential oil in my glass and covered it with water. A little support in the “battle of the bloat” was always appreciated! Curling up in my favorite chair, I attempted to read my Bible.

Laundry, caring for the hens, cleaning floors, sorting books…the list seemed endless.  These tasks crowded in each time I attempted to concentrate.  My heart sighed as I contemplated my need for quiet versus these demands.

Just like my body needed a reset after the weekend’s abnormal diet; my mind was just as desperate to find balance.  Rest is not a habit many of us cultivate.  Busyness fills our days and drains our person.

Hectic living is not our design; God endorses and participates in rest. Take a look back in Genesis 2:1-3.  Sabbath mindset was woven into the creation of the world!  Somehow, we have lost our ability to intentionally create space for stillness and peace.

Jesus understood the value of both.  There were various times in His ministry where He withdrew to a quiet space, either on His own or with the disciples. Mark 6:30-32 shows how even in the midst of demand, Christ pushed for sacred space with God and His students.  

They were accomplishing worthwhile and meaningful tasks, but Jesus recognized the need to pull away.

Recognizing the need is pivotal to attaining balance.  We can’t find what we don’t miss.  How can we tell when our schedules need reset to focus our souls?

  1. Does your Bible collect dust?  What is filling you if God’s Word isn’t?
  2. Do you rush non-stop from the moment your feet hit the floor in the morning until your head hits the pillow at night?  Where is the margin in your life?  Extra space allows us to be open to God’s movements and prompting (it also allows us to move in obedience).
  3. Do you ache in your soul?  Our souls develop deep seeded pain which can’t be shaken off with extra coffee, shopping, food…you get the idea.  When we ignore the space only God can fill, it creates a gaping hole with lingering pain and emptiness. Do you feel it?

    An authentic inventory of our calendar will better acquaint us with what our heart is honoring first.   I would encourage you to really open yourself up to these questions. Journal or discuss them with a friend if you need to process outside of your mind.  Don’t wait until you are completely depleted to think these things over.

    Today, what is one way you can make time for assessing your schedule and creating margin for God to work in?


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