In the Word – Deeper

Creating space was difficult, but like most aspects of life, needed to become a habit.

Over the course of time I worked out what it meant to meet God daily. It was hard, necessary, and life giving. I found truth and peace as I was digging into my Bible each day. Hope was sprouting, maybe I could master this Bible study thing?

Then, a fellow mom began discussing Jen Wilkin’s book Women of the Word, How to Study the Bible with Both our Hearts and Our Minds. I was incredibly intrigued by the discussion. I didn’t know much about the induction method and couldn’t help but allow my curiosity to lead me to pick up a copy of Jen’s book at our local bookstore.

I wasn’t prepared for what she would expose inside of me as I began reading:

I failed to understand that the Bible is a book about God. The Bible is a book that boldly and clearly reveals who God is on every page (23).

I had not recognized that I had been making The Bible and my time about myself. It was about how I was feeling that day, or more appropriate, how I was feeling about my children or motherhood struggles for the day. I entered my time with God’s Word in the hope it would fix every conflict and care which seemed to creep in.

I was missing the point!

As we grow in the knowledge of God’s character through the study of his Word, we cannot help but grow into an exponentially deeper love for him (33).

It is about relationship building with our Creator! He deeply loves us and when we engage in the Word, we are able to learn reciprocity by falling more in love with Him.

As we love Him better, we can love others better. We absorb God’s Truth and can radiate the character and heart of God.

I cannot tell you what this shift has done for me step by step. I am still in a season of learning and developing, but am able to look back at the first mile and smile at all of the progress. My prayer is you will be able to start fresh today and seek God with everything you have as you move forward.



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