The Nudge

My blog post was written, minus a few small details, and ready to be released into the world, but…

Don’t you just cringe at those moments which require a “but?”

But something happened.

The Nudge.

The Nudge is a moment where you feel or sense there is something which needs your immediate attention, for me it was my blog post.

As nice and neat as my writing, theology, and thoughts were; God wanted something else. He wanted me to scrap what was there and write on a different topic. Ugh. I was so close to being done! It had flowed as I wrote it. Are you sure I can’t just write about something else next week?

Then, as only God could, I scrolled through Instagram and noticed a post where a writer discussed scrapping her work if it meant that God was obeyed.

Ok, ok, I’m listening.

So here I am, writing to you about the importance of The Nudge, especially how NOT to miss it.

Once upon a time, I wouldn’t have felt The Nudge to begin with. I wasn’t clearing space for time in God’s Word and rarely, if ever, sat in expectation of feeling prompted. The older I became, and time with my Bible, I began experiencing these moments of being poked, as if to say “pay attention!”

Do this…go there…say “hello” to that person…stop talking and listen…press pause…acknowledge your cashier…pick up that person’s item which dropped…

One time The Nudge had me jogging after a woman who had forgotten her orange juice in the bagging area of Walmart when she didn’t respond as I called after her.

It sounds crazy, doesn’t it? Humans in general have an inward focus. I can be self absorbed and full of my own to-do list. I am focused on what needs accomplished at the precise moment it needs done.

The Nudge places God’s agenda in the forefront. The more learned about God’s character and love, the more His whispers are noticed through the day. He has a to-do list for me.

He has a to-do list for you, too.

Time is short. How powerful to live what moments we have with the understanding our impact can be a continuous stream of goodness, love, and care. We can reflect the best of who God is just in gestures and reactions to every day life.

So how do we embrace The Nudge? Honestly? Anticipate it! Live your life with the expectation at any moment you may need to shift perspective or agenda. This doesn’t mean you can never have plans, but it does require flexibility.

It requires (hear my sigh on this one) a humbled heart. When The Nudge comes I bow my plans and wants to what God is asking. Immediately. Without argument or complaint (parents hear me here).

Most importantly, we must know God’s Word. When you are familiar with what the Bible says, it gives a deep and intimate look at God: His character, heart, and holiness. It puts the nudge into perspective and gives guidelines on how to handle the hard or difficult tasks. The Bible is a expansive framework of our holy to-do list and creates the boundaries for our life.

The best question to answer now is what can I do to keep moving forward in the mission with “eternity” written on it? My prayer is that you will sense each prompting and respond with the best of who you are.

And whenever you turn to the right or to the left, your ears will hear this command behind you: “This is the way. Walk in it.” Isaiah 30:21


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  1. Hi Karey, very well-written. I know this Nudge. I am praying about one I had today, well maybe waiting to see if He will change the direction. Just being honest. I will return week with an announcement. Have a blessed weekend. In Christ, Julie

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    1. I will be praying over your direction and that it will be clear! ❤

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