Ready, Set….

Monday begins our look at Hebrews! This will be a meaningful look into a letter brimming with wisdom and the hope of generations.

Before we begin it is good to know a few things:

We don’t know who the author is. While there are educated guesses, there is not a clear identity.

This book was written to Jewish Christians before the destruction of Jerusalem and the temple in AD 70, possibly under the persecution of Nero.

The form of this book is a combination of an essay or sermon and ends as a letter. These forms would have been familiar to the audience and created a set of expectations for what information they would receive.

A great additional resource is from The Bible Project and gives context with an overview. It is handy for visual learners and you can see it here:

Have a blessed weekend and see you here Monday!

***Information for this post reference from the She Reads Truth Bible’s introduction to Hebrews and


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  1. Good morning, Karey,
    I appreciate the visual, though the writing is rather small. It seems the visual would be more effective if it included audio, a narrator telling what the picture is doing. I have several ways I approach learning His truth. It is nice to know this is an option. Have a blessed day! In Christ, Julie

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    1. I’m sorry the audio didn’t work! It should have audio with it, I will investigate. Thank you!


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