Today is the day!

We are starting a journey, an adventure, however you want to frame it, into a deeper understanding of God. I want to warn you, there will be moments of clear understanding and times of deep confusion, or even discomfort. Lean in! Don’t be afraid to sit in your space and turn to God with revelations and questions.

Today you have one priority – read Chapter 1 of Hebrews. Don’t look at commentary, don’t ask others what they think about it, don’t get frustrated if something doesn’t make sense!

Start with Prayer and move into reading the entire chapter. Read it multiple times if you can. If your Bible gives you the location of the scripture quoted in this chapter, check it out. Just don’t get ahead of yourself.

Underline, make notes, write down questions: engage with the text, just as it is.

Father God,

Thank you for each individual who wants more of you. Allow our eyes to be open to every aspect of who you are. Lead us into your Word by the power of your Holy Spirit. Give us the tools and encouragement to sit in the known and unknown, understanding a better grasp of who you are is worth every moment of study. Give us the strength and ability to commit and keep you in the rightful place of number one.


See you back here tomorrow!

You can also follow the study at my Facebook page Mustard Seed Life.


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