What does it say?

Yesterday I asked you to read the text…twice. Was it easy? Did you immediately want to run to your study notes? I hope you were able to stay in the hard space of wrestling with the text for as long as possible.

Now that you’ve read it – go back to it!

The question today (which can be found on page 87 of Jen Wilkin’s Women of the Word), is, “What does it say?” Go back to what you originally read and begin pulling apart the text. You want to understand more about what the author was attempting to relay to the reader. (Times like this I feel like a literature major again.)

You can also return to the words or phrases you underlined, as well as the questions you documented while you read. Are they connected? Where is any confusion stemming from? Can you create an outline what the author was relaying from verse 1 to 14?

You want to know the text beyond a cursory read. By engaging with the text in a deeper way, you can glean more from what the author is writing!

This is also a great point to stop and find another version of the scripture to help you. Using a Bible app such as You Version or Bible Gateway, or a site like Bible Hub, you can access other translations of Hebrews.

Again, start with prayer!

Tomorrow we look at our next question and approach new resources to deepen our study. See you then!


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