What Does it Mean? (Part 2)

Today’s reminder: Don’t forget to pray before you engage in study!!!

Yesterday I left you with some cross references to widen your understanding of Hebrews 1. Today, you can begin delving into the commentary/study notes in your Bible, podcasts, sermons, and books which speak to the content. I would caution you, please make sure what you are accessing is biblically accurate and strong.

If you aren’t sure where to start, I have found the study notes in the Life Application Bible to be a great tool, She Reads Truth has meaningful insight, as well as commentaries found on Bible Gateway (many of them free), and Bible Hub also has commentaries/free resources. There are apps, such as First 5, which can also be helpful. (Bible Hub, She Reads Truth, and Bible Gateway all have apps as well.)

Take time to really explore and find the answers to your questions. This may take you through the weekend depending on how many questions you have and how in depth of an answer you’d like. Don’t be afraid of the hard things!

Tomorrow we will look at the final question we will be using for this study, see you then!


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