The Details

How are you moving along?

I know if you are new to studying the Bible or the method I’m using is different from your normal way, you may feel a bit off. That’s ok! Anything new takes time, just keep going.

The details were one of the hardest aspects for me when I began retraining my mind. All the observances which appeared insignificant, were actually meaningful.

In Chapter 2 of Hebrews we find a great example of how the details make a difference when the author talks about three individuals (or group) which make Christ’s superiority valid (Hebrews 2:1-4). Jesus, the Apostles, and, finally, God all agreed on the matter.

Why was there a need for multiple people agreeing?

This detail leads us to Deuteronomy 19:15-19 where we learn multiple witnesses establish a fact. There had to be more than one in order for Jesus to be viewed by His true identity.

I could have missed it. I had missed it the times I read it before. Some cross referencing and slowed reading allowed me the time and ability to see this engaging detail.

What are you finding? What could you be missing? Keep digging!

I’ll see everyone back here on Monday!


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