Make Connection

Now that we are in Chapter 4, have you noticed any patterns?

Are there themes, wording, or ideas that you are now tying together?

I hope you are! The author is very intentional about repetition and creating a flow from one chapter to another. An example of this is found as we glance back at Hebrews 2:18. The writer has impressed upon us how Jesus is connected with us through temptation. This week as we look at Hebrews 4:15, we are again told Jesus understands our weakness through his temptation. The author wants us to connect with Jesus, not be intimidated by perfection. The sinless example Christ made on earth was not because He didn’t live a life like ours, it was because of the choices He made in response to life’s realities.

This is an encouragement to lean into a Savior who can truly grasp our every day existence.

As you see ideas or themes repeat – pay attention! Keep looking for the ways the author wants to catch your attention and teach you a valuable lesson.

What have you noticed in your reading this week?


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